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About the book

Fictional Females is a book about books — specifically, about more than 160 American novels that had female protagonists and appeared between the immediate post-Revolutionary period and the beginning of World War II, and shaped as well as reflected women’s lives.

All 80 authors, both men and women, were best-sellers and/or critically acclaimed in their time, and their fiction provides a record of how successive generations of women accepted or challenged the conventions of their day and enjoyed the rewards or suffered the consequences of either choice.

Today, an examination of those novels and the historical context in which they appeared illuminates the changing conscious and unconscious assumptions about the nature of woman — of what she is, what she wants, and what she gets — over the years.

Fictional Females is a perfect supplemental reading for any high school or college-level course in American literature, women’s studies, women’s literature, or American social history. View the table of contents, read about the author, or buy the title from Amazon.

Fictional Females: Mirrors and Models is now available in a new Kindle version for just $9.99!